Some stuff:

Blog GitHub Link

There aren't enough Markdown-to-HTML blog frameworks in the world, so I decided to make my own.

This repo contains all the source code for my blog, including everything that I use for automatically generating it from the Markdown entries.

Shakmat GitHub Link

A Grandmaster-level chess engine backend written in Rust that deploys a REST API to interact with.

I also used Shakmat as an excuse to try out WebAssembly, and so you can play against a client-side version of Shakmat compiled in WASM and running on your local browser.

Silence GitHub Link

A Python web framework that can quickly deploy a RESTful API on top of an existing relational database.

Doctoral thesis

On Data Engineering and Knowledge Graphs:

A Context-Aware Proposal for Web-Scale Knowledge Graph Completion

osu! healthbar maker GitHub Link

A project I did to get familiar with Vue and Webpack.

Generates and downloads a custom healthbar for osu!, a popular rhythm game, based on a user's profile data.

Try it out!